Auditory Processing Disorder


APD is a disorder where the hearing mechanism works fine, however the brain has difficulty processing the sound input correctly.

If a child has APD, they may have difficulties with:

  • Comprehending multi-step instructions
  • Hearing in background noise
  • Recalling spoken information
  • Hearing changes in tone of voice
  • Comprehending spoken and written language, as well as phonics and spelling
  • Sensitivity to excessive noise
  • Poor listening ability
  • Slower processing of spoken language

We offer a collaborative approach to APD assessment, incorporating speech, language and cognition tests, as well as hearing and APD tests. It is important to assess all of these areas to ensure an accurate diagnosis. 




Audiology and APD Assessment is carried out at
Brenna Sincock Hearing

  • Full diagnostic hearing test to rule out hearing loss
  • APD assessment including tests of: 
    • Lateralization
    • Temporal processing
    • Dichotic processing
    • Memory
    • Speech in noise
    • Auditory closure


Language and cognition assessment is carried out at
Canterbury Speech and Language Therapy

  • Full assessment of language comprehension and expression, as well as general cognitive abilities

Brenna Sincock Hearing
36 Tennyson Street